About Wendy

I'm a second year Neuroscience PhD student working with Dr. Paul Thompson at the Imaging Genetics Center at the University of Southern California. I'm interested in developing and applying deep learning methods for tract-based diffusion imaging analysis, to help understand changes in white matter tracts in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease progression, and potentially relate them to other imaging modalities and non-imaging biomarkers. For a complete list of my publications and presentations, see my Notion CV page.
For all inquiries, email me at <yixuefen at usc.edu>.

Recent News

Presented Learning Optimal White Matter Tract Representations from Tractography using a Deep Generative Model for Population Analyses at SIPAIM 2022 and received the Best Virtual Paper Award


My first journal paper Deep multiview learning to identify imaging-driven subtypes in mild cognitive impairment is published in BMC Bioinformatics journal


Presented my work titled Deep generative model for learning tractography streamline embeddings based on Convolutional Variational Autoencoder at ISMRM 2021


Officially joined Dr. Paul Thompson’s lab at the Imaging Genetics Center (IGC)


Started my first day as a first year Neuroscience PhD student at USC


TA’d for the first time for Neuromatch Academy - Deep Learning summer course