Distributed Search Engine

Course project for CIS 555 Internet & Web Systems @Penn (2021)
A distributed search engine, with crawler, indexer and PageRank


Course project for CIS 505 Software Systems @Penn (2020)
A distributed cloud platform with email service and file storage built in C++

Deep Multiview Learning for Alzheimer's Disease

Research project advised by Dr. Li Shen @Penn (2019-2021)
Understanding Alzheimer's disease structure using deep multiview learning

7T to 9.4T MRI Reconstruction using GAN

Course project for CIS 522 Deep Learning @Penn (2020)
Using GAN to generat high resolution 9.4T MRI from low resolution 7T MRI brain scans.


Course project for CIS 550 Database Systems @Penn (2020)
An full stack web application to visualize food nutritional information

Evaluating MedDRA-ICD mapping in UMLS and OHDSI

Research project advised by Dr. Cui Tao @UTHealth SBMI (2018-2021)
Qualitative and quantitative analysis on mapping status between MedDRA and ICD